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Ford Econovan 2000 Self Contained $6200

located in Dunedin and listed under Cars & Campervans
WOF: 31-12-2020 | REGO: 19-08-2020 | Mileage: 308500km | Transmission: Manual | Fuel: Petrol

Ford ECONOVAN 2000 - Self Contained
Price : 6200 NZ$ (or 3500 €) - Selling as is.

After few months of traveling time has come to say goodbye to our “Vanni the Van”.

Why Vanni is so special?
Lots of space and well organized either in the table and in the bed version.
Provided with the van:
- Itiwit 2 seats inflatable kayak. These models are indestructible and will allow you to explore all New Zealand's lakes.
- 1 fridge to keep your food fresh. (Even if we all know that it’s mainly for beers ...).
- A second battery (115AH) connected to a 400W inverter (12V to 240V) to plug the fridge, laptops, smartphones and other devices. The battery is equipped with a foldable solar panel to recharge it while respecting mother nature. It allows you to be power self sufficient with no need to spend money in caravan parks being able to spend your time in free camping areas.
- Fully equipped kitchen fitted with a double gas cooker, a 9kg gas bottle, Pots and pans. The kitchen is allocated at the back and thanks to the back door that opens upward, you’ll be sheltered in case of rain while cooking.
- Super comfortable large bed that quickly turns into a dining room in case of rain or simply to accommodate friends! (We haven’t seen many vans in which we can invite a couple of friends to have a sheltered drink )
- Large storage: We were able to store all of our belongings, the kayak, and food without anything dragging on the bed!
- Tinted windows allow for privacy, you can see everything outside without being seen.
Everything is very easily accessible, for example the water filling or the grey water dumping are done in 5 min having the containers at the back.

Rego : 08/2020
WOF : 12/2020
Self contained : 10/2023
Km: 308.000ish
2.0 Petrol
Manual 5 gears
3 front seats
4 doors
Roof rack

Electric :
Solar pannel 250V
Second deep cycle battery 115AH
Battery box with USB et cigaret socket
10L fridge
Jump start cables to start the main battery with the second one. (very useful if it happens to leave the headlights on ... )
One front cigarette lighter socket with USB double-socket

Kitchen :
Double gas cooker
9kg gas bottle
Sink with manual water pump
2 water barrels of 25L
1 camping table
2 camping chairs
A large cutlery set
2 pots and 1 frypan
2 cups
Various plates and bowls

Other :
An inflatable kayak
2 paddles
A spare wheel
A mosquito net on the bedside window
3 pillows
2 sleeping bags
2 warm blankets
Few spices
Fairy lights
Portable toilet accessible from the trunk (important for self contained)

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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