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What is the GST tax in NZ?

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) in New Zealand is 15% and usually goods and services will include this tax in prices or fees charged.


International air and sea travel will be free of the GST. If you are making an expensive purchase to take home, it may be worth claiming for a refund on the GST you have paid. This information can be obtained from any Inland Revenue Department (IRD) office or see below for more information.


Tax Refunds

Some travellers will be eligible for tax refunds when they leave New Zealand. However, you must make a formal claim in order to have this paid to you. In order to get your tax refund quickly, you must be able to provide the IRD with either a bank account number, into which your refund can be paid, or a Visa or other credit card account, where the amount owing to you can be deposited. 

Approximately one month before you leave New Zealand, contact the Inland Revenue Department Service Centre (Free phone 0800 227 774). Tell them that you are an non-resident who has been working in New Zealand, and wish to claim tax owing to you. They will send you the appropriate forms for you to complete when you have finished working. Return the forms to the Inland Revenue Department before leaving New Zealand together with your bank details. 


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