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Mitsubishi L300 Self Contained For 3 2nd Battery Big Sink $5000

located in Nelson/Picton and listed under Cars & Campervans
WOF: 30-09-2020 | REGO: 08-12-2022 | Mileage: 381436km | Transmission: Manual | Fuel: Diesel

Here it is! Another backpacker declaring their bittersweet news of parting with their beloved van. If you’re like us, you may have grown tired of seeing listings claiming no mechanical problems (even after complete engine replacements) and endless inventories of every spoon and fairy light bulb underneath the roof. Some people are completely new to this subculture and some are seasoned veterans who have spent many days as a van bound gypsy. Whichever you are, this listing should highlight the many advantages, while not shying away from those little things that everyone seems to ignore on their listings but are quite obvious when you arrive to view the vehicle. We have spent more than a few hours making our van very functional and this sets it apart from many of the vans you will see for sale these days!


Quick Facts:


Year: 2004

Make/Model: Mitsubishi L300 LWB 5 Door 2wd

Engine: 2.5L, 4 cyl, Turbo Diesel Direct Injected

Fuel Economy: Up to 9L/100km (no roof rack and the diesel engine means these vans get great numbers!)

Kilometers: 381,436 (at time of posting)

Rego till: 14/12/2020

WoF till: 30/09/2020 (2004 year means WoF only required once a year)

CSC till: 08/12/2022. Certified for 3 

RUC till: 388,007 km (that means more than 6,000km of road user charges for you. That’s over $400 worth).


What Sets Our Van Apart?


  • Well thought out, custom kitchen you will actually want to use!

    • Large, house-sized kitchen sink. If you have ever tried to do dishes in those small dinner plate sized sinks most vans have, you’ll appreciate this as the game changer it is. Stop washing your dishes in lakes and streams and set a good example for other freedom campers!

    • Custom sized drawers for the well equipped kitchen. Built to spec and tight fit means no rattling while driving. Drawers make for easy access and flush mounted latches secure drawers while not snagging clothing. 

    • Easy access to freshwater and greywater through the side door. Access door also opens to create a table for outside cooking, if desired. 

    • 12v fridge keeps food cold without ice, runs with the vehicle or off the second battery if needed.

    • Melamine bench top makes cleaning up easy.

    • Without listing every single implement our kitchen has, be assured it has everything needed to cook your meals. Little touches like sheathed knives, some tupperware for storage, and small organizers to conquer the clutter make cooking in the kitchen a pleasure.


  • Easy to use living, sleeping and dining area.

    • With a 50/50 split of the mattress, there is no need to pack up your bedding to use the interior table. Simply fold back the mattress and set up the table. With the transition taking just a few seconds, you will find yourself using (and enjoying) your van much more!

    • Removable, custom mattress cover you can wash (in addition to the included sheets, duvet).

    • Full 12v electric setup using a dedicated house battery that charges while driving using a voltage sensitive relay. This relay can also be manually connected meaning if you leave your lights on and run your starting battery flat, you can jump the vehicle using your house battery!

    • Dimmable LED strip lighting around the perimeter of the interior means you can set the mood.

    • 12v outlet in front with dual USB charger. Living space of the van has 4 USB outlets, 2 12 v outlets, and voltage indicator to monitor second battery charge. Easily charge your phone and other electronics at any time, with or without the engine running.

    • House battery fusebox has plenty of room for expansion if you are the DIY kind of person!

    • Overhead wire shelf for easy access to clothes or other items. 

    • Velcro screen means the side door can remain open and sand flies stay outside (all but the smallest).


  • Other things that can make a big difference.

    • Extra key for van and bicycle hitch with magnetic hide a key. Never get locked out again, even if you lose your key. This little combo makes a big difference with our peace of mind!

    • Squeegee for cleaning off windows in the morning or after cooking. If you have ever had to deal with condensation and the streaks you get after wiping the windows down, you will love this.

    • Storage areas are bed length and long enough to fit skiing gear or fishing gear. We were able to store all of our backcountry ski gear, mountaineering gear, backpacking gear, toilet, cycling gear, and fishing gear out of the way and out of sight. Having everything so organized makes living in the van long term MUCH easier.

    • 2 extra Jerry Cans. In order to have the required fresh and greywater capacities to be self contained for 3, we have two extra 10 L containers. They store out of sight unless you need to go somewhere extra remote.

    • 2 mountain bikes on hitch carrier with helmets, pump, tools, and replacement tubes. One of the bikes is a very nice hardtail with hydraulic disc brakes and a good fork while the other is a basic bike you’d find at the Warehouse. They are both sufficient for many of the easier trails in NZ (perfect when we did the Central Otago Rail Trail), but they both need some TLC if you are a serious rider. If not, they easily get you from A to B.

    • 12 ft Surfcaster fishing rod with net and tackle. Not a big fisherman, but everything works!

    • Brand new set of snowchains that has never been used. Perfect if you need to cross a pass or get up to a ski field this winter.


But what about all those Kilometers?!


I get it, everyone wants those low km vans because, surely they have less chance of breaking down. I was looking for that too, it’s an easy line to draw in the sand, especially for those who may be less mechanically inclined. Having grown up working on my own vehicles, I was amazed to find NZ awash in vans that had few kms, but MANY other problems. Everything from empty oil pans to rust ravaged frames, but hey, it only has 180,000 km on it’s little petrol engine (that is from 1991 and 28 years old).


That’s why when I found this van, I jumped at it. No structural rust, smooth running engine that does not burn any oil (or leak any from below) and solid suspension and drivetrain. We bought it with more than 360,000 km, but these diesel engines have been known to go well over 500,000 km. For the person that understands that a well cared for vehicle is more important than the numbers on the dash, they will get a great deal with features that are usually found in more expensive vans. 


In the time we have had the vehicle, we have had to do nothing but oil changes. She starts every day, and has no weird creaking, clicking, groaning, or otherwise quirky behavior. We have had to replace one part, and that was a sticky rear door hinge and nothing to do with the mechanicals. 


What are the other negatives?


The high kilometers are probably people's biggest worry but in the interest of transparency, these are all the things that I know of that are not perfect with the van. Hopefully this will save us both time if you decide to come and view since you won’t feel like I was trying to pull a quick one ;)

  • Chip in drivers side headlamp and windshield. Cosmetic, does not interfere, or cause any problems when renewing WoF. 

  • While rear wiper works, rear wiper washer fluid does not (probably a pump or something, I haven't cared enough to check)

  • Mostly minor dings and scrapes on body, but one larger dent in side door that was there when we bought it. Cosmetic issue only does not interfere with the use of the door.

  • At 100km/h on speedo, actual speed is about 92km/h.

  • Sometimes after a cold morning the speedometer buzzes (maybe a slipping plastic cog?) at speeds over 80km/h. Not sure why and it goes away in a couple of minutes.

  • Minor rust in rain gutters along outside perimeter.


List of features most vans have, but are still probably important to you:

  • Camping table and two chairs.

  • 2 burner gas hob with 9kg LPG tank. Way better (and cheaper) than the small cartridge stoves.

  • Unused portable toilet.

  • Radio with USB and AUX input.

  • Well organized toolkit with extension cords, including cord for powered site outlets.

  • Well stocked kitchen with tableware for 3 people.

  • Sheets, duvet, blanket, and three pillows for bed.

  • Windshield phone mount.

  • Windshield sun shade (legend on a hot day).

  • Mouse-proof food storage.

  • Tarp for shelter or other tarp-related needs.

  • LED lantern that doubles as a portable battery.

  • All service records and service manual.

  • Ukulele and sketch pad/pencils for those rest days.


Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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