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Toyota Hiace 1996

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans


The time has come for us to (regrettably) sell our beloved van. If you’re looking for a campervan a little bit out of the ordinary, and with a little higher standard than normal, this is the van for you. Morrison, nicknamed after van-the man himself, is the perfect mobile home for anyone not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but still want authentic retro looking comfort and reliability.

We have lived in the van for half a year, while studying at the University of Auckland, and traveling around the north Island mainly. The interior of the van is made from tough durable wood, which increase its longevity, but also ads a lot of charm and character to the van as opposed to the regular white campervans with plastic interior you see at every campsite.

The van has a lounge area with a table and two sofas shaped to an L. This makes for plenty of space to chill out with some painting, playing guitar, eating, or whatever you’re into. each sofa consists of a double layer of mattresses, each of which are used when creating the bed. The area is easily transformed into a big spacy double sized bed (130 x 200), making sleeping for two people very comfortable.

The indoor kitchen is one of the jewels of this van, it’s a joy to cook in it, and it reeks of personality, while also being extremely functional and minimalistic. We have simply cherished this indoor kitchen. On a rainy day when looking at the countless other people standing outside by the trunk of their vehicle, we have been cooking in the warms and cosiness of the insides. Both the former owners and ourselves share a love for cooking, and this is evident when using the kitchen in this van. The kitchen itself is shaped like an L, and there is a good meter between the lounge area and the kitchen. It features lots of storing possibilities for cooking utensils, containers, your coffee moka-maker (Gotta have your coffee!), as well as your herbs, flours, spices, and everything you need in a fully functional kitchen. It even has a small sink with integrated plumbing that run into the 25L sub tractable grey water tank. The water is provided by another 25L tank (will last about 3-4 days depending on usage) that is being pumped up to the sink using hand power. The cooker itself has two burners and a grill, and runs on a 4 kg LPG cylinder which will last you for a little over a month with intense usage (3 meals pr. Day, coffee making, kettle warming etc.).

The van runs off a dual battery system, both of which are hosted in a separate, outside-accessible battery compartment. 
The main, starting battery is about two and a half years old and is only used for starting the engine and running some lights. 
The second one is a AGM deep-cycle battery of 104 A.h. (@C100), which was purchased in March 2016 but not used before August. It is charged through a split-charge relay, which means that only when the main battery is full, the second battery starts charging. This structure also means that the main battery can never a run dry even if you are charging all your devices. 
From the leisure battery, a panel located inside the van is mounted with a 300w Pure Sine-Wave power inverter to plug in your devices (Pure Sine-Wave is better than Modified Sine-Wave for sensitive electronics), and a switchable LCD volt-meter to have an idea of how much longer you can keep watching your favorite TV show for.
Everything is extensively fused and has been built with potential further upgrades in mind.
For our nightly lighting , we use basic but practical AA battery powered string lights (which has been more than enough).

We arrived in NZ with quite some stuff, and we therefore needed plenty of storage. Backpacks, music instruments, fishing gear, winter clothes, camping gear, craft supplies, books, bathroom things, candles and plenty of other goodies can fit and be easily accessible in the living space of the van, without looking like the classic pile of mess. There is even space for two huge duvets which we also pass over to the new owners for the remaining winter months.
In the trunk, we store some spare buy-more-of-these-while-they're-in-special food, car fluids, and some extra clothes, we don't need inside, a big crate of tools (including a drill, and a saw), and a swiftload of wood gathered here and there for "that next project". All of which will be left for you to enjoy.

It's running great, never skips a beat and starts on a whim. Being our home, we always took great care of it right from the beginning, and made sure to keep records and invoices of all that was done. The belt was replaced 6 months ago, and 3 of the tyres has been recently replaced. The power steering and flawless automatic gearbox (which is really handy to have when not used to driving in the left side of the road) makes driving this van feel effortless and smooth. The cockpit has air-conditioning, electric windows, central locking, and a small herb garden to grow some spices in. also, the engine noise is sufficiently blocked when driving on a highway, so that you can have a conversation with your passenger, or listen to some wicked road trip playlist on your phone via the Aux plugin. Even though the van doesn’t boast a 4wd, we have not felt limited in any way. We have taken the van up and down some very long very rough gravel roads, through forests, rivers, and all kinds of terrain, and we have not had a single problem. Of course, one must stay out of the giant pile of mud, but as long as you do that, this van can take you to pretty much every camp site in New Zealand.

All the rear windows have an opaque/translucent lower part and a tinted upper part, letting light in but making it so intimate people often think there is no one inside, even in the evening with the lights on. The van has also been fitted with a small safe and an alarm system with remotes, which is quite handy for peace of mind when going on long tramps.


1996 Toyota HIACE (very)LWB, Hi-roof
285 000km – estimated
Petrol, Automatic, about 450km autonomy
Distribution chain
WOF 07/17
REG 08/17
Self-contained for two people to 04/20
Serviced and checked regularly
All records & invoices kept in a little book
5th owners
No leak, very clean and tidy
Uniquely painted exterior (local artists), both sides different
– 2 new front tyres - 01/2016
– new radiator + coolant - 01/2016
– Transmission fluid flush + new air filter + AA safety check - 04/2016
– 1 near new second hand rear tyre - 04/2016
– new muffler + new RH/LH rack ends - 07/2016
L-shaped living room becomes bed at night
Loads of storage
Dual battery with pure sine wave power inverter to charge your electronic devices
Safe and alarm system
Air conditioning, central locking and electric windows
Comes with everything: kitchen stuff, bedding cloth, duvets, tools, wood, gadgets, chairs, and lots of other stuff

Will have undergone a new WOF and service before sale in july/august.

Available in Christchurch around the 27th of july and in Auckland around the 7th of August for visits and sale.


More pictures can be sent on request or if you have questions. 

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

Please be aware of scammers that have been operating on buy and sell websites such as ours. They claim to be working away but will want to buy and sell a vehicle remotely. DO NOT engage with these enquiries or transfer any money without meeting the buyer or seller in person.

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