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Mitsubishi Chariot 1999 For Sale

located in Nelson/Picton and listed under Cars & Campervans

Kia Ora,

my name is Ms Ely, I am a Mitsubishi Chariot and  I was born in Japan in 1999. For the last 6 months, I was a reliable and beloved travelmate for Barbara and Annalena who explored New Zealand with me.

They bought me in Auckland and never regretted to do so. As you can see, I am a car with character so I have a few little scratches at my back but as you all know, it is the inside that matters. As they renewed my WOF in January, Barbara and Annalena made sure that there is no safety-issue so you can be sure that I will bring you whereever you want without any worries.

The guys in the garage also changed my lights so you can drive perfectly with me even now when the days get shorter.

I am a perfect travelmate as I have everything you need to get around. Under the bed, I offer a lot of space for all your belongings. In the back, I have a little shelf where you can put some food or dry your clothes. Due to that fact you have to change a little in the evening and put my front seats to the front so that you have enough space to sleep. Thanks to my radio it never gets boring as you can connect your phone via bluetooth or AUX to my radio and listen to music all day long.

Unfortunately, Annalena already left New Zealand and Barbara will do so in a few weeks that's why I am looking for new travelmates. It does not matter if you are alone or 2 together, everyone is welcome to make me their new home.

Here are some facts about me:

I have already travelled 322.xxx kms which I managed just great and I cannot wait to travel a lot more. 

I need petrol and I am automatic so you do not have to worry about driving. I also have a AA fuel card which saves 6 cent per liter. 

The WOF has been renewed end of January and is valid until 30.07.2017. My rego is valid until 27.07.2017. 

And the best ist, I come with all the equipment you will need here in New Zealand: 

1 big matress for two people

1 big blanket

2 small blankets

3 pillows

1 Camping table

2 camping chairs

2 sleeping bags

3 camping mats

1 tent for 3 people

1 gas cooker plus cover and gas bottles 

3 tea towels

2 rags


herbs and spices

2 chillybins

1 fruit bowl

2 big boxes

2 pots

2 pans

2 cups

Several mugs

4 plates

Several small boxes for food

3 bowls

3 soup plates

1 Cutting board

Enough cutlery for 3 to 4 people, including can opener and peelers


2 car chargers

2 adapters (nz to USB and nz to eu)

insect repellent (against these awful sandflys)


At the moment, I am in Blenheim but in a few weeks I will travel again so I will be at other places as well. If you are interested in me just message Barbara via fb or WhatsApp: +642041332813 

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