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Toyota Lucida 1995

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hey, we are selling our Toyota Lucida Estima after our now ending 6 month tour trought New Zealand. Our car is named after the great conqueror Charlemagne, because (who had thought) we travelled both island with him but now after all this time it comes to an end.
Specical about our car is the fact that it's 5 seater. You can turn the seats in middle 180° around and then expand the bed.

-Stuff inside
-The payment problem


Year:              1995
Kilometer:         284xxx
WOF:               see: "The payment problem" below
Rego:              29.8.2017
Road user charges: 285000
Gear:              diesel-automatic
Radio:             Aux+USB
Electronic front windows and side mirrows
Central Locking
USB charging
The car has an oil leak, wich is due to several car mechanics, no problem if you keep filling it up (we show you how to ;) )

-Stuff inside:

USB Charger
2x pans
3x pots
Several knifes spoons and forks
3x bowls
Cooling box
3x storageboxes
Several cups and plates
2x camping chairs
2x 10l water
parsley  (yeah fresh from indoor garden)
Safecable for powerd site
Jumpstarter cables
3x pillows
Several blankets
Fishing rod ( including several hundred meters of line and hooks)
Tools ( screwdriver, tape etc)
Cleaning stuff ( liquid dishwash etc)
Curtains for all back windows and to the front
2x tarps
Inflateble sleeping bag
5l motoroil
and more

-The payment problem:

The problem is, that we need to do some repairs to get a WOF for the car and we don't want to invest the money without knowing that we can sell it, so here is our 4 ideas (all repair prices are from an AA-Service Center):


This idea is like a normal car buying (except that you need a day to do it ;) ).

If you buy the car, we are going with you to a workshop on the day you buy it.
There we will let them repair the front shock absorbers, the right front wheel bearing, new rear tires and finaly get the WOF.

As a result, you don't need to give us money before you buy the car.
Also you don't need to organize the workshop stuff or drive without a WOF.

If that is finished, you pay the workshop (~1400$) and buy the car from us (1600$) for a total of ~3000$.


This idea is very similar to the first, but in this case we don't let them change the raer tires.

New tires are very expensive (145$ each) and we can get the WOF without changing them, because they are barely acceptable for a WOF.
This would give you the opportunity to look for used ones wich are aviable for ~45$.
This could save you 200$ so that you get the car for ~2800$.


This idea is more complicated for you to do, but it could save you money.

If you buy the car, you just give us the 1600$ and organize the repairs mentioned above yourself. In this case you could get the repairs cheaper than ~1400$, but you need to organize them yourself. Also you drive the first day(s) withot a WOF, what could cause a 200$ fine if you get caught by the police (exept you can organize them for on the same day you buy the car ;) ).


If you have any idea, you think is better, just let us know and we tell you if we are o.k. with it :).


for any questions just contact us:

mail: blubbo400@web.de
call or txt:

Ben & Mirko :)

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Please be aware of scammers that have been operating on buy and sell websites such as ours. They claim to be working away but will want to buy and sell a vehicle remotely. DO NOT engage with these enquiries or transfer any money without meeting the buyer or seller in person.

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