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Amazing Foxmobil Is Here

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hi everyone, unfortunately it's time for us to sell our "mobile home on wheels" called "Foxmobil", like Batmobil. A car that never stopped or not running. We take all time care for this amazing car and we are a little bit sad, that we can Foxmobil not take at home. But good for you to get coolest car on the market! We bought the van in april 2018 as the second travellers. Now we have to sell it, because it's time for us to leave the beautiful country. We are looking for his next owner to take care of it. The van was from a kiwi worker and the owner before us built the car to a self-contained van with a really clever and hugh storage system. It's quite difficult to find this on market.

13.500 NZD / 7.950 EUR

Auckland area viewing can start middle of february or after arrangement in an other location or on other dates

2,4 Petrol (no tax to pay additional and you have pretty quick a warm car, helpful in the winter time)


Self contained for two people until 17. January 2022

WOF until 14. September 2019

REGO until 20. April 2019

Timing chain (no cambelt to worry about)

40XXXX Km's (but a Toyota Hiace runs normally easy until 500k km)

average consumption around 9-10 litre / 100 km


regularly service. Last service October 2018 and we would also make a brand new before you get the van


New oil filter and change every 10.000 km and we would also make a brand new before you get the van

New clutch (September 2018, bill in the car)

New front and rear brakes (November 2018, bill in the car)

New front wheels (August 2018, bill in the car) and rear wheels (Oktober 2018, bill in the car)


Very reliable. Starts first time every time, but in case you forgot to switch off the light, you will have jumper leads in the van to run the car just in time and continue traveling.

Only needs a WOF once a year as it's 2000. (Passed WOF every time)

3 front seats

spare tyre

radio with Bluetooth/AUX/USB

remote alarm system

a lot of maps and information from New Zealand



14 litre fridge or warmer (options for warm or cool) - very useful at the summer time (Bill in the car, bought in April 2018, 1 year guarantee) you can use it with 12V or 240W

Inside kitchen, with option to cook outside if you want - very useful at rainy and windy days or when you have a lot of mosquitos and sandflies around you

2 gas stoves - one with two hobs with bush button piezo ignition and 2kg gas bottle and professional hose extension and one portable with extra gas canisters. (Huge gas stove from hunting and fishing camping, bill in the car, bought in April 2018, 1 year guarantee)

pots, pan, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, boxes, coffee plunger, whistle pot, towels etc. (everything to eat and cook for minimum two people)

rubbish bin

25l grey water tank, 25l fresh water tank



great seating space for the day if its raining

quick changing from the couch to the bed and you can so this from inside, we both are tall (1,76m and 1,86m) and can sleep very well

Duvet, pillows, sheets and two sleeping bags until 5 degree included

Loads of space! Massive shelf at the side, cupboards under bed and in kitchen area. Also a hidden security box, when you go on a longer track.

tinted window throughout the back. (Can cook, can stay inside, change clothes, etc with no one knowing) - very useful when you on longer tracks or parking on the street

extra curtains for more privacy

carpet flooring, feels more like home and it's comfortable and you will get not so cold feet in the winter

4 different lights inside ( 2 lights with magnetic bottom)

music speaker with bluetooth, usb, aux, micro sd and it's splash water safe ( recharge with micro usb)

empty boxes for structure and extra bins for cleaning, washing or more storage space



two solarshowers (12 litre & 18,9 litre)

2kg hand wash machine with clothes line and clothes pegs - you don't have to spend so much money and time in a laundromat (Bill in the car, bought in April 2018, 1 year guarantee)

You get also a liquid self service key for free, to wash you clothes in many destinations

camping toilet (unused)

hairdryer (1200W)

basin hand pump



3-in-1 Gas Detektor GasCube from Brunsco for LPG, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon dioxid Gas (Bill in the car, bought in May 2018, 1 year guarantee)

fire extinguisher

portable magnetic mosquito and sandfly net for the window

heavy duty cable with internal fuse for a campground if you want use there the energy plug ( it's necessary to use this cable from the law, for security) (Bill in the car, bought in September 2018 with 1 year guarantee)



160w solar panel with 10A regulator for the 2nd battery that's works very well, also when it's a bit cloudy or drizzling (Bill in the car, bought in April 2018, 1 year guarantee) (it's a mono-crystaline solar panel)and the installation is approved by an electrical engineer

1 deep cycle battery with 105Ah (For charging phones, iPad, notebook, fridge, etc.) (Bill in the car, bought in April 2018 in a professional shop with 1 year guarantee)

battery indicator and voltage measure over 2nd 12V port

300W pure sine inverter (it's good and necessary for sensitive devices), you can charge all your devices (For charging phones, iPad, notebook, fridge, etc.) (Bill in the car, bought in April 2018, 1 year guarantee)

extra portable solar power bank with 10.000 mAh for tracking

USB and 12v port for charging

De'Longhi electrical, portable ceramic heater 1800W if you have an energy plug/makes the car really quick warm under 0 degrees (Bill in the car, bought in September 2018 with 1 year guarantee)

portable ceramic heater for 12v plug for heat up driver room or defrost windscreen or for clearing windscreen in cold and wet mornings

a big box with a lot of tools, if you want to change or pimp something ???? and an electrical sting saw



two chairs and large, strong foldable table for sitting outside

sun and rain protection shelter on the side from the slide door

Roof rack for kayak, surfboard, box etc.

two yoga mattresses and two picnic blankets

foldable spate (good if you are stuck with the car or if you would like enjoy the nature hot pools)

two pair gum boots for rainy and muddy days (female and male both size 10)



Chance to get an 2 person light tent for tracks from MSR. (It cost new around 900 NZD and weight under 2kg). It depends, at which time you want the van or we can speak about this.


Additionally we will give you the van with full gas, new oil change, fresh water and with leftover food, so you can jump in and start with your dream travelling.


The daytime couch extends to a full width bed for two at night or whenever you need it. There are multiple big storage spaces to carry all your stuff. A big cupboard for kitchen tools (included) and food, a big drawer and a bedside compartment for cloths and stuff and lots of storage under the bed to acces from the back and if you want partially from the front. In addition the car comes with roof racks to store your surfboards, kayaks or partner.

The car comes with anything you need to survive (pans, pots, stove, chairs, table etc.), so you will be ready to hit the road. It seats three people comfortably in the front. The engine is puring and the fuel consumption is as low as 9 to 10 l/100km even with two surfboards on the roof. The milage of 40XXXX might be a bit on the higher side, but it is a mechanical beauty. Very low oil consumption, no coolant leaks, no over-heating - this car won‘t let you down. The tyres are from late 2018 and have heaps of meat to go.

If you have any questions or queries please just get in touch, I'm easy going so just ask :) You can either contact me in English or German.

Payment per Bank Account or Paypal  or Transferwise

Maybe other options available

Mobil: 0064 210 729 404 Susi & Sepp


Car in Action


Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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