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Mazda Bongo 2010 Long Version Top Choice

located in Queenstown/Wanaka and listed under Cars & Campervans


Price: 14 000 NZD

Being sold during December/January – we take reservations

CAR PREVIEW VIDEO - https://bit.ly/2P1P731

REMAKE VIDEO - https://bit.ly/2PriY4y

Hey guys, we are selling our selfmade car during the december/january – contact us if you have any questions – car will be located in Central Otago area, South island, but can be moved anywhere.

Perfect for two guys as it has doors from both sides

• model 2010 / backpackers remake in August 2018

• 2.0 diesel reliable engine – 500km+ on full tank (10-11l/100km)

• Manual transmission, rear wheel, AC

• odometer - still using, but will be about 280 000

• RUC paid till 280 589 km (x60$ for another x1000km)

• WOF expires 1.11.2019

• REGO expires 10.06.2019

• SELF CONTAINED expires 30.07.2022


• Selfmade in August 2018 – 1st generation backpackers

• Van was originally used for shuttle and we bought it from official dealer prechecked

• Made in 2010, so everything is in really good condition – no signs of rust, etc.

• 2.0 diesel engine saves you lot of money on gas (even including the RUC taxes)

• It has 4 tyres in the back so you don‘t get stuck anywhere


• Second battery with a switcher so you have your own classic NZ plug

• 600W invertor – easily can charge laptop, 2 phones and 2 powerbanks at one time

• Electric tap with a sink – 25L clean & waste water tank

• New portable toilet with extra liquids (for SC check only)

• We also installed 5.1 speaker sound system Logitech instead of buying new radio

• White LED strap around the car and original 3 lights in the car

• Very dark windows from the outside – in daylight you can see anything inside the car

• Curtains – can be added for better privacy if you want to – as a two guys we didnt need it


• Every bed has its own space for clothes and personal things under

• Nice bar and some other space accessible from both sides in the middle

• Unfolding queen size bed 150x200cm

• You can access from the back of the car 200x50x50 space for surf, camping equip, ...


• Electric tap with the sink and clean & waste water tanks in the front

(we use the sink mainly as a perfect place for things u use everyday, fresh fruit, etc.)

• You can slide out in the back two different spaces – kitchen & food shelf

• The whole back kitchen can be covered with the sheet in case it is windy or raining

• All kitchen equipment stays with the car!

• Whole kitchen can be covered with sheets so you can do all the stuff there in any weather

and believe me you can cook everything there – see in picture


• Extra key

• Garmin navigation

• Chargers

• Stove

• Matresse / Blankets & pillows

• Oil lamp

• Climbing rope

• Camping chairs (2x)

• Charging cables

• Tools and fluids

• First aid kit (with many more pills)

• Shovel

• Fridge


New Zealand has a humid climate with a lot of rain, this means condensation and water inside. Not nice. With 3-layers insulation we put inside you will survive all the climate conditions without any issues.

As a bonus we will gladly give you many contacts for the job opportunities and some life experiences about things you want to know.

CAR PREVIEW VIDEO - https://bit.ly/2P1P731

REMAKE VIDEO - https://bit.ly/2PriY4y



Facebook Marek Jerabek

Mail marekjerabek@seznam.cz

NZ Phone 027 267 5223


Price can be negotiated.

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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