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Honda Odyssey 2000

located in Wellington and listed under Cars & Campervans

After 9 months of living the sweet life we are selling our reliable and economical travelling partner 'Beth'. 

The car is from the year 2000 meaning the WOF is only due once per year. This is unlike any other Honda Odyssey you will see as it has a kitchen at the back of the car, and comes with all of the equipment you will need.

• WOF  28/08/2019
• REGO 08/06/2019
• KM 246,XXX
• Automatic & Manual (Triptronic) 
• Petrol Engine (runs on 91 or 95)
- 500km per tank on 91
- 550-600km per tank on 95
- 55L Fuel Tank
• Regular servicing made every 10,000km. We are the second backpackers to use this vehicle, the couple we bought it off regularly serviced the vehicle and kept it in immaculate condition 
- SERVICED ON 7TH AUG 2018 at 245,000km (Engine FLUSHED & Oil Replaced, Filters Cleaned, Road Test Report, 4 x NEW tyres & Wheel Tracking with Warranty)
• Central Locking & Car Alarm
• Air Conditioning & Heater
• Radio & Tape Player
• Tinted Back Windows
• Tyres & Brakes Great Condition

What’s New
• Drive Belt & Cam Belt changed December 2016 by previous owners at 200,000km (55,000km left to run before next change due)
• New Spark Plugs & Starter Motor changed by previous owners
• New EGR Valve replaced December 2017
• 4 x New Tyres + Wheel Tracking Realignment January 2018

• New Brake Pads August 2018


What’s Included
• Bed at the back with loads of space underneath (rear seats removed for more space underneath)
• Comfortable double mattress
- 2 x pillows
- 1 x double duvet
- 1 x extra duvet for those colder nights (or extra softness on the bed)
- 2 x complete sets of bedding (one never used) 
• 1 x large HIGH QUALITY camping table
• 2 x camping chairs
• Curtains & car sun shade
• 2 x large 60L storage boxes & 2 x smaller storage boxes 
• 2 x pole stakes + elastics + waterproof tarpaulin
• 1 x 20L water container for drinking water
• 1 x 10L fuel container
• 1 x LED lantern with car charger
• 1 x cooler box COLEMANS
• 1 x small bin with lid
• 1 x solar shower
• 1 x bodyboard + swim fins
• 1 x mosquito net to keep you protected at night
• Clothes line & pegs for laundry
• Jump cables + quick fix tyre repair kit (just in case...)
• Power Steering fluid
• Engine oil
• Windscreen wash

• 1 x good quality double hob gas cooker & LARGE economical gas bottle
• All you need to cook including
- Cooking utensils (can opener, tongs, bottle openers, scissors, grater, ladle, measuring jug etc)
- Cutlery
- Plates
- Cups
- Bowls
- Pots & Pans
- Large washing up bowl
- Plastic containers
- Chopping board + knives

This is the perfect vehicle for any backpacker looking to immediately get on the move without having to spend time and money buying all of the added extras.


Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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