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Selfcontained Toyota Hiace 2002

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

Unfortunately we have to sell our best buddy. It is a Toyota Hiace 2002 and he runs excellent. Toyota is well known for its long lasting engines (especially in the hiace series). In our 9 months in NZ we did not have any problems with him. You can legally transport 3 people (or one person and 12 penguins) on the 3 front seats. The two of us were the first travellers living in this van so everything is fresh, new and equipped with lots of love. If you are looking for a perfec, loveable home on 4 (new) wheels then you are very welcome to contact me 021 2302295 for a test drive.

Toyota Hiace

well maintained (receipts from every year service for 7 years!!)

automatic transmission

power steering

Kms 340 000 (which you don't feel at all)

3.0L Diesel

WoF expires: 10/18

Oil and Oil filter change done in 04/18 (fully serviced)

Registration expires: 03/11/2018

self contained for 2 people until: 29/10/2021

(you can use a LOT of free campgrounds and safe heaps of money with it)

Able to open both back doors (slide), for endless panorama few and fresh air 

Cambeld and water pump done and check regularly

2 new fron tyres in 03/18, other two done in 10/17

Diesel (which means engine can take extra high kilometers)

extra mirror in the front which is very (very!) helpful for parking a van of that size



-queen size matress with one big, one small blanket, two pillows and 2 bed sheets

-A Sleeping bag, yoga mat and tent allows you to take a 3rd person on board

-the carpet, new curtains, plants and stringlights create a comfortable atmosphere

-gas cooker with 3l gas bottle and tow stoves, to cook what ever weather inside or outside (much cheaper than the portable gas cooker with little gas cans)

-sink with manual water pump, 2x 25l water tanks for fresh and wastewater

-it's lots of space inside best interior for rainy days (and there are a lot of rainy days in New Zealand, you will appreciate this)

-you can comfortably chill out in the car with 4-6 people (for a hot box maybe?)

-‎change the interior easily for your needs (table, couch or bed) and you still reach sink, gas stove and the big storage under the benches

-more than enough storage under the bed easy to reach

- cooling box and pats keep your veges fresh and in one place

-organizer and boxes to have all your needs in reach are very comfortable



2 keys (which made things so much easier for us two)

Cutlery,  plates cups and bowls for 2+ people

Saucepan and pots in different sizes

Coffee/ mocha machine with is very rare in NZ

2 camping chairs

Boxes, baskets and organizer usefull for several things

2x USB plugs for charging (cigarette lighter adapter)

rubbish bin

card games

detailled travel guide (German) for north and south island

wastewater evacuation pipe

yoga mat

Hammock (yep!)

Tent for up to 2 person (easy to set up and light in weight)

Fishing rod with hooks and other equipment

Big (with 6x9m very big!) plastic sheet and ropes, to set up rain protector or cosy camps with other vans

and many more goodies like a pwc pipe for practiceing didgeridoo :)


Price: $9500 ono


Phone Milena: 021 230 2295


or facebook message me to arrange a test drive (from end of August in Christchurch)

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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