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Toyota Hiace Selfcontained

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans
Reliable TOYOTA Hiace 1998, ready to sell after 8 months of faithfull companionship. Previous owner was a mechanic and looked well after the Van.   As we are the first people travelling with 'Goldie' for a longer period, we made her fully 'Self Contained' and saved a lot of money in accomodation while freedom camping. Also gave her a new WOF (warrant of fitness) and REGO.   THIS IS ME IN DETAILS: - 5-speed manuel gearbox - petrol / 1998 / 348.000km - 3 front seats - 5-doors (easy access on both sides) - recent oil change and new oil filter (March) - WOF till August 2018 - REGO till 29 October 2018 - certified Self Contained till Feb 2022 for 2 people (25L grey water storage & 25L clean water storage) - 4 good quality tyres - good clutch - air conditioning / heating - a set of spare keys - chain driven, no cambelt - runs smoothly, give me some time to warm up in the morning as I am a(n) (G)oldie :D   I HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO TRAVEL: - tinted windows and removable curtains - a large queen size bed! - two pillows with pillowcases - comfortable foamy mattress - 4 sheets, 1 duvet, 1 blanket - lots of organisers under the wooden bedframe and at back of the Van - portable chemical toilet 20L - one gas cooker with cooking gear - cutlery, plates and cups - one yoga mat - one sleeping bag - one camping chair   Price: $ 6.900 (ONO) - negotiable   Any questions, do not hesitate to send me a text 0275 83 63 60 or pm message Cheers, Rani
Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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