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High Roof Toyota Hiace 2001 Selfcointained

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Our marvelous selfcointained campervan is for sale. Two of us have been travelling across NZ and confortably living in this van for about 5 months. It's just a perfect home. This van was a company car and was very well maintained and we do the same, We spent over $2000 on maintanance, the most important thing – TIMING BELT has been changed plus heaps of other maintenance stuff what you can see below. We are third owners in NZ, first backpackers!!! and we have built the interior from a scratch. The car is well insulated and ready for winter times. Hiaces are known for their reliability, long life and undestructible engines 5L. The van never let us down. We are not just selling our car we are happy to share our NZ experince, contacts for jobs, bread recipe or how to fish.


this car is not on the banned list of cars that won't get self containned certificate anymore like Estimas, Odyseys and all small people movers comonly converted in to campervan – it means will not have problem to recertificate in future.

What makes this van very special and different from most of the others??
-A bread maker! Yes we have a bread maker and we are the first people making our very own bread in van. You don't have to eat the fluffy toast bread. One bread cost us around 1 dollar!
-High roof and 3.2 metres behind the front seats. No need to jump out of your car to cook when it's raining or windy, no need to make your bed up when you need to get to your kitchen.

-Average fuel consumption is around 9-10l/100km. Compare that to the bloodthirsty Estimas/Odyseys 14 litres no problem. Engine runs on diesel so way more economic than petrol.
-Our van has higher ground clearance than standart hiace one. That means you can go through fords, streams or rough roads with no problem.
- Seccond battery kit and super powerfull 1000W inverter that allows you to charge everything you need to, make a bread and be independent. Seccond battery is charging while you drivinng.
-Self-cointained certificate until 31/102021. That means you can legaly sleep on most of the places you like. Wild places, middles of nowhere, beach carparks, awesome view points in the mountains. Up to you.
-Loads of power tools (electric drill, angle grinder, jig saw). The converter is powerfull enough to keep the tools going.
-A year of made is 2001 and that means you have to do the WOF just once a year!
-Isolated roof so no drops of condensed water on the ceiling and mould.

-Toyota Hiace 2001
-Diesel 2.98l
-KM: 408xxx
-Self-cointained until 31/102021
-REGO: 14/8/2018
-WOF(warranty of fitness): 24/1 2019


-3 seater

-tinted windows


Service done:
- All 4 new tires
- Timing belt
- Top hose
- Water pump
- Radiator clean
- Heating radiator clean
- Fan + fan hub
- Fan belt
- AC belt
- Thermostat
- Oil filter + regular oil change every 5k km
- Fuel filter
- Air filter
- Brake pads
- Wheel alignment
-All invoices present


-Break maker
-A sink with electric tap so no need to hand pump when you need to wash your hands or dishies, just click and water is running.

-25 liters fresh water tank, 25 litres grey water tank

-Double stove gas cooker with 3kg LPG gas bottle (on full bottle you can cook over 1 month and half for only $10), full cooking equipment ( high quality, non sticky pan and sauce pan, pots, plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs, choping board, knives, sharpener, wooden spoons, food cointainers and lot more)
-Stove top coffee maker.



- Foldable qeen size bed into table and two sofas, comes with bedding (duvet, sheets, pillows, extra blanket and single duvet).

- More then 2000 litres of storage under bed and shelfs above front seats and in the back of the van.

- 2 ceiling racks to store bodyboards, fishing rods or surfboard, or whatever you want.

- A proper curtains, no light comes in the van and no one can see inside when the light is on.
- Led lights on the ceiling powered from the seccond baterry has four different options.


Camping stuff:
- 2 foldable chairs, table,
- 3 people tent,
- waterproof tarp 4,1x3,8 plus 2 poles to hold it up so you can sit in shade or hide from rain,

- 3 fishing rods with stuff for spinning and bait fishing,

- gas cartridge,
- 2 body board,.
- maps and brochures.

- Electric drill, angle grinder, jig saw,
- fire extinguisher,
- first aid kid,
- voltmeter for seccond battery,
- extra thermometer for headasket,
- mechanical tools (screwdrivers, pliers etc),
- hair dryer
- 2 sets of keys,
- a key for liquid landry,
- towing roap,
- boost cables,
- wee Xmas tree, 2 Xmas hats :)
- laundry drying rack – airer,
- extension cords (1m, 2m and 20m),
- working gear ( waterproof jackets, waterproof trausers, gumboots, gloves).

Happy to send you more photos as we are allowed only 4 :)

Available from 20.4. in Wellington then we will travel up north to Auckland.
If interested text me on 0210349122 or 021296256. We are still travelling so we will answer ASAP when we have a signal :)
Price: $8890 or 5200€ negotiable.



Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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