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Is it worth getting a data SIM?

If staying connected, saving money and having life made simple without contract commitment feature high on your needs list then the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Not only will getting a SIM for your phone make internet access possible you will also have a New Zealand number so Kiwi friends or potential employers can get hold of you.

Once you have bought your prepay credit you can spend it on buying one of the mega-deal bundles (also marketed as combos or value packs) offered by most of the network providers. Many of these are heavy on the data allowance if that is what you need.

There are also options for those who favour calls or texts more or you can get combos of the whole lot. If you happen to use up any data, minutes or text allowance there are add-on features of many prepay plans too. Competition is huge between the major players and new deals are coming out all the time.

So, is it worth getting a data SIM while you are in New Zealand? If all of the following are important to you then the answer is yes.

  • No unexpected bills and no contract or commitment.
  • 4G is present in multiple locations and major networks cover a vast proportion of the country.
  • Total flexibility to choose what combo of data, minutes and texts you need.
  • Options for bundles which last a week or any number of months as well as flat rate calls, texts and data which will keep going until your credit is used up.
  • A highly affordable way to use your phone.
  • Easy top-up with supermarket vouchers or with your debit card online.