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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Will I see a Kiwi?

Unless you go to a zoo or on a specialised trip it is highly unlikely although not impossible (we are talking the flightless bird here and not the fruit or a New Zealander by the way). Kiwis are endangered and rare and along with many other New Zealand birds have suffered terribly as a result of predation by introduced wild pigs, stoats, cats and dogs. Additionally, they are nocturnal birds so will not be active during the day. However you will more than likely hear them calling at night – the male kiwi is a loud, piercing sound which seems to get louder and shriller on each of its many repetitions. The female kiwi sounds a bit more rasping.

Your best bet for seeing kiwis in the wild outside of a specialist tour are on Stewart Island where there is a thriving population which will sometimes wander close to humans at camp.