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What type of camper van can I hire?

There are several companies which hire camper vans ranging from the smaller sized and cheaper end designed for backpackers on a budget right through to large (and very expensive) motorhomes.

The most commonly seen at the lower end are Spaceships and Escape vans. Spaceships are something between a car and a van and ingeniously designed for plenty of space giving them an almost tardis-like quality. Escape vans are mainly Toyota Hiaces and all feature wild and wacky paint jobs – some it has to be said are more desirable than others. If you book well enough in advance you do get some say in which design you have.

It is worth bearing in mind that many of the van hire companies, especially motor-homes, are always looking for people to relocate their vans which have been used previously for one-way hire. There are some mega deals available in this way and you could find yourself able to hire something quite luxurious for the same price as a much smaller van. Some companies stipulate minimum driving age which may be as high as 25. If you do decide to opt for a relocation deal then be aware that a time restriction (sometimes quite generous) usually applies.