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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

What is the driving like in New Zealand?

In the towns and cities and the main link roads it is very similar to the UK (with one or two small exceptions). However outside of this many of the roads are unsealed or gravel roads and if you are looking to get off the beaten track then a great deal of your driving will be done on this type of road.

Generally it just means slowing down and reading the road signs for tight bends or steep inclines.

All good road maps will mark all the unsealed roads and detail distances. Also bear in mind that because it is much slower going on gravel roads you will need to allow extra times for journeys.

Some of the roads are challenging and can be a little hairy when you first encounter them such as mountain roads with steep drops and no barriers. Take your time until these types of driving conditions become more familiar and be prepared to pull over to let other vehicles past.