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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

What is New Zealand food like?

As New Zealand culture is such a mixing pot so too is the food. In larger towns and cities ethnic foods such as Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and so on are quite common and often very cheap.

Outside of this you may find standard fare very similar to English food. Bakeries are very common and serve incredible ranges of hot pastries and snacks and stacks of cakes and cookies. Hot pies are an extremely common snack for Kiwis with over NZ$140 million spent each year on them. So, every little shop, garage, cafe etc will sell a whole range from the most familiar mince or steak to such things as chicken, cranberry and brie and lamb and apricot.

There are many drinks with which the British won't be familiar such as fejoa juice and a whole range of fruit and vegetables which will be new. Kumara (a sweet potato) is a very common substitute for a normal potato and fish and chip shops will sell kumara fries.