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Is there a Tsunami risk?

Yes it is and, according to the New Zealand Herald, New Zealand is rated as the fourth most vulnerable island globally with regard to tsunamis after Japan, Hawaii and Indonesia. The risks are posed by both long distance and locally generated tsunamis with the whole of the east coast of both islands rated as the highest risk of all.

However, there are sophisticated and comprehensive precautions and early warning systems in place through the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM). Areas of coast which have a possible tsunami risk will post signs advising you what to do in the case of tsunami. This may take the form of warning sirens at the sound of which you move inland and to higher ground and/or there may be Civil Defence patrols which would cover an area to advise those in its vicinity to evacuate and where to head for. Otherwise, people are advised to move inland if they feel an earthquake of any intensity or if there is a sudden change in the ocean level.