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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Is New Zealand safe?

As far as safe world destinations go New Zealand is pretty high on the list – no nasty diseases or malaria, safe drinking water, hardly any poisonous or dangerous creatures and wildlife, almost non-existent terrorist risk, no civil unrest and the Kiwis are just about the friendliest and most helpful set of people if you have any sort of problem. However, like anywhere, you need to use common sense at all times and exercise caution at night. Driving conditions can be challenging and can take a little getting used to. It is advisable not to leave valuables unattended and vehicles and their contents can be especially prone to theft.

Blessed as it is with hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline, water sports and activities are everywhere but the ocean can be a quickly changing and unknown environment. Many of the more populated areas have lifeguards in the summer but elsewhere they are often unmanned so with regard to beaches use the same common sense and precautions that you would apply in the UK/Europe.