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How do I get mail & post?

So Christmas is coming and Mum needs to send the presents through or maybe your mates want to keep in touch - either way you'll be needing an address in NZ!

As a traveller you may think it will be a nightmare but they've even thought of this! Here are your options:

Option 1 - Poste Restante 

Poste Restante is a special service provided by the larger post offices in New Zealand. Basically friends and family can send mail there and they will keep it for you. Basically you decide which major place you want your post to be sent and then on the mail put: 

Your Name 
Poste Restante 
Place Name e.g Queenstown
New Zealand 

The mail will then be sent to the main post office in that town where you can go and pick it up (photo ID required) free of charge! For more details on this service click here.

Option 2 - Backpacker Mail Service

For quite a lot of things, e.g. buying a car, you need a permanent postal address within NZ, rather than poste renstante, for everything to be sent to. Due to this we have introduced a Backpacker Mailbox Service for people heading over to New Zealand.

From only $44.99 we give you your own permanent address in NZ where you can get all your mail sent to and register everything you need. When you want your mail you can either pop into our NZ office in Auckland or ring up and we will forward it onto you you wherever you are in NZ - at no extra charge! For more details on our great service click here

Option 3 - NZ Post 

The official mail carrier in New Zealand is NZ Post ( They have post office all over New Zealand where you can send both domestic and international post. If you want to send stuff home this is the place to head!