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How can you quickly find work / jobs?

For anyone prepared to be proactive and flexible finding a job in New Zealand is not difficult. The following are some of the quickest ways to go about nailing that job.

Newspapers and advertising boards – National newspapers all have a jobs section but the smaller type of publications aimed at local communities are often a better bet. You can pick these up in shops, garages, libraries and hostels. There are even certain publications aimed specifically at the backpacker crowd such as the 'Backpackers Travel Magazine' which is usually available in hostels.

Local community notice-boards such as those found in supermarkets are another resource along with notice-boards in hostels.

Recruitment agencies – Set up to pair job-seekers with employers, recruitment agencies are plentiful in New Zealand and the majority are free to join. Many focus on a specific industry genre such as food and beverage and the positions registered with agencies are often not advertised anywhere else. Check out our Recruitmenrt Agnecy listings for a good range of reputable agencies.

Job package providers – Thanks to a huge market of working holiday visa holders seeking employment there is a whole industry in the country aimed specifically at providing a tailored service to that crowd. These job package providers take you through the entire process – from obtaining your IRD number through creating your CV and onto finding a job. There are many companies to choose from, one of which is Base who also operate the hostel chain of the same name.

Online job searches – Easily done before you even arrive in New Zealand or from the comfort of a hostel located elsewhere to where you are hoping to find work, online searches can yield tons of results. Simply type something generic such as 'job vacancies New Zealand' into the search engine and trawl through almost endless possibilities of job-listing websites. Try the following to get you started -

The on-foot approach – While approaching potential employers face-to-face might be seen as unprofessional in some parts of the world Kiwis consider it a positive display of initiative. Additionally, many employers only recruit in this way. So, arm yourself with some CV copies and get set to go into bars, hostels, hotels, shops or anywhere else where you are interested in working.