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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Is it easy to camp in New Zealand?

Yes, mega easy and if you are a nature lover then think camp-sites of your dreams and then some. There is a vast choice of camp sites in New Zealand to suit every taste and budget.

One of the cheapest options is the network of Department of Conservation (DOC) camp sites throughout the country which range from completely free to a few dollars a night, usually paid via an honesty box. You are almost certainly guaranteed a stunning setting, nestled amid pristine conservation land. Most can be driven to but some are only accessible by foot or even boat. Their website has full details.

There are several free publications available from i-SITES (tourist information) which list various camp-sites and all i-SITES have a set aside space for all the camp-sites in the local vicinity.

Nearly all camp-sites in New Zealand (with the exception of DOC sites), no matter how basic, have a kitchen area where you can cook your food and sometimes they will have cooking utensils and an inside dining/seating area.