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How much do hostels cost?

With the majority of New Zealand hostels there are options for either shared dorms or private rooms with the dorms always being the lowest priced choice.

Otherwise, quite what you will pay can vary enormously according to several factors such as where the hostel is located (fewer accommodation choices tend to mean higher prices whereas locations with lots of competition have the lowest prices), what facilities are offered by the hostel and the time of year.

Prices for dorms tend to start around the NZ$13 in Auckland and can go as high as NZ$35 with average prices hovering around the NZ$22 mark. Private rooms start at about NZ$35 and go ever upwards from there with averages around the NZ$50 to NZ$60 price range.

There are a certain things which may affect the prices of dorms. Choices with fewer beds are typically more than their multi-bed counterparts while such things as female-only dorms may also be priced a little higher. Private room costs will usually be lower if you are prepared to share a bathroom.

Don't forget to factor any extras into your sums when you are hunting down the deals. Some prices which initially appear higher may include breakfasts, shuttle transport, free tours, free tea and coffee 24/7 or something else valuable to you which will actually save you money.

And talking of saving money, all of the hostel chains and networks in New Zealand such as BBH and YHA have membership schemes. If you intend to use hostels a lot investing in such a scheme can save you quite a lot of money on your bed-a-night price.