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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Do I need any jabs or vaccinations?

New Zealand is not considered a country at risk from any of the diseases for which travel jabs are usually recommended. Occasionally Hepatitis B and tuberculosis appear on the 'recommended' list but it is always a good idea to contact a medical practitioner before travel to get up to date advice about any inoculations considered currently necessary. Medical advice states that travellers to New Zealand should ensure their polio and tetanus shots are up to date.

However, be aware that if you intend to stopover in Asia on your way to New Zealand, even if only for a day a two, there may be jabs needed. The same is true if you have any intention of travelling to any Polynesian islands during your New Zealand stay such as the Cook Islands, Samoa or Tonga. All of these countries have several recommended inoculations.

There is no malaria risk whatsoever in New Zealand so medication isn't required.