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Can I use my credit card?

Kiwis love their plastic and will flash it to pay for even the tiniest purchases from a carton of milk to a magazine. That is great news for you as the traveller because it means your credit cards too are going to be accepted just about everywhere.

Of the major players Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted which is probably universally true for many countries worldwide.

Many of the taxis in New Zealand's cities will now accept credit cards although there is sometimes a surcharge attached.

Probably the only places where cards are out and you might find cash to be your only means of payment will be the smallest back of beyond eateries and shops but even some of those have the facility to pay by credit card too.

Credit cards can also be widely used in cash machines nationwide but whether you are using them for cash advances here or purchases elsewhere make sure you are clear on any fees you will get landed with. Although there are some specific exceptions most credit card companies will charge overseas fees and currency conversion fees too.

As a final word here, it is worth mentioning that it is always advisable to advise your credit card company you will be travelling abroad. Failure to do so can and does sometimes result in the card being blocked for suspected fraud when your transactions suddenly start showing as originating in a country far from home.