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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Can I hire a surfboard?

Yes you can, there are plenty of places which hire surfboards and lots of new ones springing up all the time. The cheapest rates are in places where there are more than one option such as Raglan and Gisborne and it usually works out less per day if you hire a board for longer periods. This isn't a cheap way of doing things though and if you intend to surf regularly it can get pricey. Costs usually start at around NZ$35 for a half day hire.

Another option which works out better in the long run is to buy a second hand board. Many of the surf shops sell a few used boards as do hire places selling off old stock. Alternatively notice boards in hostels and free-ads also have surf boards for sale. It is very easy to sell a board back at the end of your trip but don't expect to get all your money back unless you are selling privately.