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How old do I need to be to rent a camper-van?

Minimum ages regarding campervan hire will depend on both the size of camper you hope to rent and the company in question. Typically speaking the smaller campervans can be rented by anyone aged 18+ and there are heaps of choice for the younger aged traveller in this category. Bigger motorhome type campers are often not possible to hire unless you are aged 21 or in some cases even 25.

You also need to be aware if you are under 21 that many companies will hire vehicles to you but there may be anything from a small to hefty surcharge. Additionally, if you are under 21 be sure to read any insurance fine print very carefully. Some companies will hire to you but in the event of an accident there is an excess (the amount you would be liable to pay) of thousands of dollars.

If you are aged under 21 it really pays to shop around to make sure you find the perfect campervan fit for your needs, with a workable insurance excess and all at a decent price. Both Mighty and Eurocampers have plenty of camper model choice for under 21s while Spaceships and Escape are actually geared at the young and hire to 18+ year olds.