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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

What's the cost of living like?

Like everywhere, the cost of living in New Zealand depends heavily on how you decide to live. For example if you cook your own meals rather than eating in restaurants or getting take-outs, if you opt to walk in the cities rather than using public transport and use budget accommodation such as hostels  things will be considerably cheaper.

Location will also play a part – the Auckland cost of living is higher than Dunedin for example although cities can offer more competition and choice (which keeps prices down) than more isolated places.

Food and drink* – Most hostels offer places to prepare your own meals and groceries in general can be budget-friendly, especially if you avoid the convenience stores and do your shopping in supermarkets.

Supermarkets – can of tuna NZ$2, 500g pasta NZ$1, 6 eggs NZ$3.50, loaf of bread NZ$1

Pint of beer/lager – NZ$8.50

Pub lunch – NZ$17

Take-away burger and fries - NZ$11


Bus – NZ$3.50 for central city zone

Taxi – approximately NZ$13 for 5 km

Fuel – petrol NZ$2.30/diesel NZ$1.65 per litre


Apart from camping hostels are typically the cheapest way to go with dorm beds starting at around NZ$13 and privates from NZ$35 per night.

Activities and entertainment*

New Zealand has tons of super fun things to do – think extreme bucket-list – which can be everything from highly affordable to extortionate. One major bonus of New Zealand however is the almost endless list of things to do for free which range from museums to giant dune sand-surfing.

Cinema ticket - NZ$13

Skydive - NZ$295

* Lowest example prices in Auckland