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Applications for this job are closed

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Woofing , Gardening,chainsaw Work

Payment (NZD): $16 - $20
Location: Northern Wellington suburb
Region: Wellington
Experience: Limited Experience Necessary

    THIS  WOOFING  position  is open to new  serious  applicants from 10th April

   Experienced  CHAINSAW guys  & Overseas  Rugby  players  seeking  to join local  RUGBY  club,  Woofing 

and  doing  PAID  WORK   P L E A S E   apply  WITH  CV   including  DoB.  All  work  is  OUTDOORS. Basically  gardening....  Nothing  back breaking.   You should be  very   fit  and  strong  of  course.   Fluency in English  is  important for PAID WORK.    HAVING  your  own  car  to  get  to  work  in  this  rural  counry/  valley paradise is  most  helpful.           Practioners of MMA will  benefit  from  physical workout  in  this  position.                              Guys  with Experience in use  of  Chain saw and other  mechanical  garden  tools  PLEASE apply.

         WOOFERS SHOWING  Good  work attitude a  sense of  responsibility and INITIATIVE ,  WILL BE  highly RECOMMENDED for   PAID  WORK.  If  you  do NOT SHOW / HAVE any of  these  qualities  you will not  be  recommended for ANY   PAID  WORK and  required  to  leave to make  room  for  another woofer.   Long term work is possible ....but  only  for  a  WOOFER  who  proves  himself...details  later.

    Te Araroa  Trail  passes property  which  is  NEAR   Spicer  Forest.  NO  PUBLIC  Transport  here. Trampers & campers ,  Van owners welcome  here  too  .This  is a  good  place  to hang out while  waiting  for  YOUR  PERFECT  JOB   or  for   your  friend/s  to  arrive  to  meet   you.  It is  SAFE  &   quiet  with  lots  of  FREE  parking within  the property.            @@@@@@@@       FREE   WIFI   here.     @@@@@@@@                                JUVENILES married to  your  Smartphones......and   glued  to  these  devices like  Limpets   24 / 7...PLEASE  remain Happily  married to  your  darling  Smartphones.            Apply for OTHER  positions. ======================================================================================

        PLEASE  NOTE.    This  NOTICE / Advertisment   is  NOT   for A  BUSINESS Operation  !.                                Applicants  should  be TRAVELLING  ALONE..(No Friend)   &    NO  SMOKERS  PLEASE                        CHECK   your  JUNK or  SPAM  box IF YOU DO  NOT  receive  a  promt   reply  to  your  enquiry application .                    ##########      This  DOES    happen   sometimes.    ########                                                                                            DO   Email us for  further  detailed  information  with CV &  DoB.                                                        Thank  you .  Vielen Dank                                                                                

    PS.  We NEED  HONEST woofers,  NOT  Slaves.  NO  PARASITES..  We are  fair & reasonable.

          CAR  /  VAN  OWNERS  with  own  sleeping  arrangements  can   start  IMMEDIATELY.