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How to Get from Auckland Airport to the City Centre

We highlight all the transfer options from Auckland airport to the city centre.

The main arrival point for travellers to New Zealand is Auckland International Airport. However the airport is 20km south of the city centre so you’ll need to get a transfer organised.


The cheapest option for an Auckland airport transfer for single travellers is the SkyBus which operates 24 hours a day and costs just NZ$17 for a one way fare and NZ$32 for a return ticket which lasts for 3 months (well you have to return home at some point don’t you?). There are numerous ways to buy tickets such as an app, website and ticket booths in the airport but if you have a credit card handy you can just pay the driver when you get on the bus! It takes around 40 minutes to get to the centre of Auckland and buses leave every 10-30 mins depending on the time of day. One nice perk is free wifi on the bus.

The buses stop at key locations in the centre including Queen Street, Britomart, Ferry Terminal & Mt Eden. For more info visit their website

Super Shuttle

The super shuttle offers both private and public transfers from Auckland Airport. The cheapest option is to book on to a trip with other travellers but if you are in a group it can be as cheap to have your own personal shuttle. Prices range from NZ$25 – $125 depending on if you are sharing or it is an exclusive hire. Bookings can be made by calling 0800 748 885 or visiting their website which has a handy feature that shows you the next available shuttle to book on to. They have their own rank at the airport which is outside Door 8 in the International Arrival Area.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


As with many other international destinations Uber is an easy option for organising an Airport Transfer if you use them in your home country. Once you get an internet connection in the arrivals hall simply log on to the app and request a ride. Prices are around NZ$44-59 to the centre of town which makes it a very cheap trip for a couple or if you are a group of backpackers. You pick up your ride outside Door 11 in the arrivals hall. For more details and an FAQ check out the Uber website

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

Book a Taxi

As well as Uber there are a plethora of local taxi firms that will take you where you want to go. The Auckland Airport Website lists some companies with estimated rates but expect to pay around $38-70 depending on the company and the distance. Taxis can be picked up outside Door 8 in International Arrivals. Many of the taxi firms have a set rate into town so ask when booking. At the time of writing Cheap Cabs were charging a fixed price of $38.

Taxi Firms to Check Out:

Cheap Cabs –

Air New Zealand Taxi Booking Service –

ATS Taxi Service –

Budget Taxis –

Backpacker Shuttle

If money is tight then the Backpacker Shuttle charges from just NZ$10 per person. Set up by fellow backpacker Brett, he offers a no frills service transporting backpackers and travellers from the airport to hostels in town. Prices are $20 per person but only $40 for 3-4 people so make sure you find a fellow backpacker in the arrivals hall to save $$$!

Nobody likes to work through the night so there is a NZ$5 surcharge for bookings between 7pm-7am.

Intercity Bus Transfer

For travellers heading from the centre of town to the airport you can now catch an Intercity coach for only NZ$10 plus booking fee. The coaches leave from the Skycity terminal at 102 Hobson Street and you can bring up to 2 bags holding a whopping 25kg each! These luxury coaches have air conditioning and free wifi so why not leave New Zealand in style! To find out more visit

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