Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t I add any more jobs?
A. You can only have a maximum of 3 jobs on the Board at any one time. So you will need to delete or pause another job if you want to add it. If you need more than 3 jobs at any one time then you can pay a yearly fee to increase the number of jobs you have listed at any one time. These jobs will also self-validate, meaning they go onto the site instantly. Please contact us for more info.

Q. Why can't I renew my job listing?
A. Job listings can be renewed from 3 days before the current listing is due to expire. Simply click on the renew button (which appears during this timeframe) and choose how long you would like to renew the advert for.

Q. How do I view applications for my job listing?
A. Simply click on the number in the applications column next to the listing you are wanting to view applications for.

Q. I have just added my job – why is it not showing on the website?
A. We manually check and approve all job adverts placed on our site to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and suitability. This process takes time, on average between 2-4 working days.  We do offer a premium service to selected users, providing the meet certain qualifying criteria, which means you are able to self-validate and make your jobs show instantly. If you are interested in this service please contact us

Q. My listing is showing a status of disapproved what should I do?
A. To ensure we have high quality listings on our website we may disapprove your listing. However underneath your listing should be a description of why the listing has been disapproved. You can then make changes and re-submit it for validation.

Q. How do I edit my job?
A. Simply log into your account and click on the edit button next to your listing.

Q. Do I have to pay to list a job?
A. Probably not! The jobs board is free to most users who wish to advertise a short term or temporary job.  If you are a recruitment agency, fruit-picking or vineyard contractor, a sales/marketing/promotions company or if you wish to post a permanent vacancy or regular multiple vacancies, then there is a small annual charge. If you are one of the above, and interested in listing your vacancies with us, then please contact us.

Q. I have forgotten my password to login?
A. Click here to reset your password.

Q. I have forgotten which email address I used to create an account
A. Please contact us giving details of your company name and we will tell you your email address

Q. What do the different statuses mean?

A. Here are the definitions for the statuses:

Validating - our team are in the process of checking your listing and will then set it to live (can take 1-3 days)
Disapproved - Your listing has not been accepted and so you must make changes and then re-submit
Live - Your listing is active and showing on
Paused - Your listing is temporarily paused and will not show on
Expired - Your listing has expired and will not show on

Q. My job listing has recently expired and now I cant see any of the applications?
A. We automatically delete applications 14 days after a job listing has expired.

Q. Can I create multiple Employer accounts to list different jobs?
A. We only allow companies and individuals to have one employer account. If you need to list more than 3 jobs please get in touch to upgrade your account.