Support Worker - Mt Cook, Wellington

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Payment: $28 per hr before tax Location: Mt Cook, Wellington
Region: Wellington Experience: No Experience Necessary

8 May 2022


Hi there :)


I am a 50 year old Kiwi guy, living with my partner, a senior IT specialist and I'm told that I have a good sense of humour…. well usually!!


(Please note: For all those who only read the first line, this is not a job in IT, nor is it a helpdesk position)


I have a physical disability, cerebral palsy, and because of this I need the assistance of Open minded, Intelligent & Caring people to assist me with my day to day business of Living Life, working, keeping my home Zen, going out, socialising & chilling at home.


PERSONAL CARE REQUIRED - Assisting me in the toilet, shower, dressing etc - all not difficult and nothing that you would not do for yourself during the day - but an essential part of the job.


No experience necessary. You do not need any special skills/training - merely a willingness to listen and try your best.


Other aspects of the job include assisting me with housework, household administration, shopping and generally ensuring that things run smoothly.


The work is organised in shifts:


Mon - Fri:
8:00am - 11:00am
1:00pm - 3:00pm
530pm - I'm set up for the night (earliest finish after 10pm)

Sat - Sun:
11am - 3pm
530pm - I'm set up for the night (earliest finish after 10pm)


Due to personal requirements shift start times are not often flexible but the number of shifts you do is flexible - these can fit around classes, other jobs, etc. If you would like fixed shifts each week this can be an option too.


These shifts are organised based on my limited support funding and my personal needs. Not included in the above are extra shifts that I may need to do in a week - socialising, shopping, etc.


Whilst I try my best to keep within the shift hours out of respect for your own life there are times were I do need you to work longer. You are always paid for all hours worked. I always really appreciate the flexibility with your time – it makes a huge positive difference!!!


Travellers who are here only a short time are very welcome … as are locals and travellers who may want a more permanent job.


I generally employ 2 or 3 people at any one time depending on how much people want to work as well as how well we get on.


I work out the weekly roster every Sunday - so there is flexibility from week to week when you work. If you would like fixed shifts each week this can be an option too.


There is no driving required and I live in Mount Cook - very close to Cuba St.


Pay rate is $28.00 before tax per hour.


You must have a New Zealand IRD number.


You must be vacinated.


I prefer people to work for me for at least 6 weeks due to the time it takes me to teach people how to assist me, but I am open to negotiation with the right person.


I am open to people of all ages but from experience people who are 24+ have just a little bit more life experience which can make both our jobs easier!


If you are interested, please send me a detailed message telling about yourself to


I Look forward to meeting you!


Jon :)


P.s. If you don't receive a reply within five days please check your spam folder