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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

Will I get lonely?

There is absolutely no need for this to happen. Every year, thousands of backpackers and independent travellers visit New Zealand and many of them do it alone.

If you intend to stay at hostels, which are one of the cheapest and easiest accommodation options, then you will be meeting and quite likely befriending many people of various nationalities. Hostels are often used by independent, single travellers for the sole purpose of meeting like-minded people.

New Zealand is very back-packer friendly and especially geared to providing a wealth of options for independent travellers and gap year students.

If you are concerned about being lonely then book yourself onto one of the many tours or trips available which range from day trips to complete month long itineraries and are often full of young people travelling alone and looking to meet up with others.

Otherwise, the people of New Zealand are warm and friendly and any visit to a bar, shop or cafe will often result in long conversations and new-found friends.