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What are the public holidays in NZ?

New Zealand has quite a few public holidays which are observed countrywide along with one day a year which each region observes as an anniversary day for its official founding. These latter differ depending on the region but the majority are typically the Monday closest to the anniversary date.

Some of the public holidays have fixed dates – most notably Christmas, New Year and where they mark some significant anniversary – while others are movable. Many of the holidays are subject to what is known as being 'Mondayised'. Basically this means that if the holiday falls at a weekend for workers who wouldn't normally be working on these days anyway they receive the following Monday and sometimes Tuesday off instead so as not to miss out. Those who would normally work at weekends receive the actual day off and can't have the Monday as well.

There are of course some industries which stay open during public holidays and any staff involved in such are entitled to pay at time-and-a-half as well as a paid day off in lieu. Some work-places are required by law to cease operations for certain public holidays (Christmas Day, Good Friday and up to 1pm on Anzac Day) but the exceptions tend to be dairies, fuel stations, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes and any shop which is part of a train station or airport. Special exemptions are also sometimes applied to tourist hubs such as Queenstown.

The following are a list of all the national public holidays:

JANUARY 1 New Years Day – can be Mondayised

JANUARY 2Day after New Year’s Day - can be Mondayised

FEBRUARY 6 Waitangi Day – always celebrated on the same date to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 – can be Mondayised


A MONDAY IN MARCH OR APRILEaster Monday – 3 days after Good Friday

APRIL 25- Anzac Day – fixed date to commemorate originally the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp servicemen who fell at Gallipoli in WW1 but is now a general day of remembrance for all armed conflicts – can be Mondayised

JUNE 4 OR CLOSEST MONDAY – Queen's Birthday


DECEMBER 25 – Christmas Day – can be Mondayised

DECEMBER 26 – Boxing Day – can be Mondayised