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What ID can be used to buy alcohol / liquor?

If you want to buy alcohol (or liquor as its more commonly called) while in New Zealand, or sometimes enter the bars and clubs where it is sold, you will need to show ID to prove you are 18 or over. Even if you think you look especially mature it always pays to be prepared as some establishments will ask to see ID from anyone who appears younger than 25. The laws concerning acceptable photo ID here are very strict and only three different kinds can be used.

1. Passport

As you will have been unable to enter the country without it every backpacker will have one of these. However, the original rather than a copy is the only thing accepted here and heading out with your passport if you have a wild night of partying planned is not perhaps the wisest decision to make.

2. The Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card (HANZ 18+)

Far less risky to carry around than your passport as proof of ID is the HANZ 18+ card. Pick up an application form from the nationwide PostShops or print one off from the website.

You will need to provide certain supporting documentation and a witness signature before taking your completed form back to any PostShop. Supporting documents are photo ID (most usually your passport), a passport photo and proof of address which can be recent bank statements, household bills or letters from employers. You will also need to pay a NZ$45 fee.

Your NANZ 18+ should arrive by post after about two weeks.

3. A New Zealand Driver License

If you are planning to buy or hire a vehicle in New Zealand and already have an existing driving license from back home you can apply for a New Zealand Driver License for a fee. This is typically a few dollars more than the HANZ 18+ card