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How can I sell my campervan?

To avoid ending up selling your vehicle at a ridiculously low price just to be shot of it before your flight leaves it pays to base yourself somewhere a couple of weeks before the end of your trip. This way you will be on hand to show your camper to any potential buyers.

The following are a few of the ways you can go about selling your van. In all of the options except the first be sure to include photographs – buyers love them.

  • Place a for sale sign in your van if it is parked somewhere visible remembering to detail any equipment included.
  • Noticeboards – All hostels have them and you don't have to just limit yourself to putting up notices in your own hostel but cover as many as you can.
  • Online noticeboards - such as our own - which list 100's of listings, nearly always from backpackers who are leaving NZ 
  • Travel Cars NZ – Located in Auckland, they specialise in selling and renting campervans specifically aimed at the backpacker market.
  • Car fairs – Usually held weekly, these are super popular places for travellers to buy and sell vehicles. Auckland has two - Auckland City Car Fair on Saturdays and the Auckland Car Fair on Sundays.
  • Trade Me - The country's number 1 auction and classifieds site, Trade Me means your vehicle can be viewed by a huge audience of potential buyers.
  • Online listings – the choices here are almost endless but include the AA's Car FairTrade & Exchange, Adpost and Buy, Sell and Exchange.
  • Car buying companies – You are unlikely to get a great price through this particular route but if you are getting desperate they can be an option. 

To make selling your vehicle even easier it is worth noting -

  • clean vehicles – inside and out – sell quicker and anything with a funky paint job will be snapped up
  • selling a van in Auckland is easier than anywhere else as the majority of travellers arrive here
  • selling in summer (Dec – Feb) is easier and has better prices than selling in winter because there are a higher number of potential buyers
  • keep all receipts for any work done or previous mechanical checks to show your buyers