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New Zealand Travel Tips & Questions

How much money will I need?

Tricky question as it will depend on how much comfort you want, how long you are staying, whether you intend to supplement your funds with work, what you want to do while you are there and the type of accommodation you opt for. Much of the advice on websites and in guide books seem to give the figure of anywhere between NZ$70-100 per day per person. However, it is very possible and not un-common to survive on far less than this figure, once a vehicle had been paid for. Though the key word here is 'survive' - so that probably means instant noodles versus steak dinner or a shared dorm versus en-suite room. 

If you want to do things like bungee jump, sky-dive, white water rafting, caving etc then this can soon add up although some trips and activities cost far less than you would expect. For example to swim with wild dolphins could cost as little as NZ$140.