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How do you get your tax refund?

If you have been working in New Zealand you will no doubt have noticed deductions from your pay for tax. Luckily this is refundable but it is not automatic and requires some action from you.

How much you will receive back will depend on certain factors such as the type of work you did, how much you earned and how long you worked for.

It is possible to complete the refund process yourself online through the Inland Revenue Department website. Ideally this should be done once a tax year is complete (31 March each year) and while you are still in the country. Successfully reclaiming a tax refund part way through the tax year is also possible if you have initiated the process before leaving the country.

The DIY approach however can be a little overwhelming and complicated for many in which case there are several companies which offer tax refund services. Typically all you have to do here is spend a few minutes completing some basic details online and the rest is taken care of for you and any funds paid directly into your bank account. Of course there is a fee for this service which is deducted at source from any amount recovered.