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2008 Nissan Caravan $12650

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

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WOF: 24-09-2020 | REGO: 05-01-2020 | Mileage: 174000km | Transmission: Automatic | Fuel: Petrol

Hey guys were heading home so selling the van ???? 2008 Nissan Caravan 2.0l Auto - 174k
Available now - Location christchurch $12,650 open to offers. 



(contact details below) pictures do not fully show how nice the van is!

We built this van ourselves & have lived in it comfortably for nearly a year. This is a very reliable, hassle free van.

*Fully Self contained (expires on 19/11/2022)
*Rego expires January 2020
*New WOF with no problems or recommendations (expires on 24/09/2020)

*Current mileage is 174k at time of advert.
*No cambelt servicing required it is chain driven
*2.0l 16v VVT DOHC Engine - strong & refined, has a good mpg especially on the open road.
*New engine oil/filter & trans fluid change on 24/09/2019 (last oil, filters change 23/04/2019)
*Tyres & Brake pads have plenty of life in them & don't need changing any time soon.
*Van was bought at 153,500k where it had full servicing, we have since serviced it twice.
*Has a power function, snow function & overdrive function which allows the revs to drop which increase mpg or to rev higher if you need extra power.

*Rich Gold colour stands out from similar models
*Brand new windscreen (3 months old)
*Van has been washed & sealed/waxed regularly with care & proper cleaning mit used to prevent scratches.
*Spare tyre / Extra wheel

*Solid but lightweight build, van feels light & mpg is high. The van does not struggle up any hill we have come across in either the north or south island. Revs sit just above 2 at 100km/hr.
*Front Interior near perfect, common wear on small section on drivers seat.
*New plumbing pipes, connectors & waste containers.
*No rust inside / outside of the van
*Gasmate 2 hob cooker (3month old) + 6kg LPG bottle
*Curtains are 2 months old, triple weave custom made & mould proof.
*The wood we used is exterior treated wood so naturally won't get mouldy & also coated with mould & water resistant coating.

*The garage/company who owned it before us had the van tested through a certificate of fitness (COF) every 6 months as it was a commercial van. So the van has been looked after very well.

*Window security grids x2 so you can sleep secure with windows open
*Sony portable speaker worth $100(4 months old)
*CD player listen to your own music through USB or AUX + Aux cable
*2 hob Cast iron skillet (for pizzas) pots, pans & cutlery.
*Tools - Spare full size wheel, Jigsaw, carjack, bungees
*x2 USB cigarette charger
*Pretty good Bodyboard


Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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