Mail Service Terms and Conditions

The BBNZ Mail Service is provided in partnership with Nomads Auckland Travel Desk in New Zealand. In this agreement any person with whom Nomads Auckland Travel Desk contracts is called the customer.

The contract commences from the date of payment of fees.

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk gives the customer a membership number for use during the term. Nomads Auckland Travel Desk accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the customers disclosure, loss or other misuse of his/her membership number (if the number is not on mail received it may be returned to sender)

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk provides its address, fax number, and telephone number for the receipt of mail and messages for the customer. Nomads Auckland Travel Desk will not accept any large packages, goods of any dangerous nature, living things, perishable goods or illegal goods.

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk will hold all mail for the customer’s collection during the registration period and up to one month after expiry. After the expiry of the extended period, ownership of any items held on the customers behalf is transferred to Nomads Auckland Travel Desk and may be dealt with by the company by sale, destruction or otherwise as it sees fit. The proceeds of any sales shall be forwarded to the address supplied by the customer as a permanent address or next of kin address, less any cost incurred by the company in so doing.

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk shall not be liable for any loss, damage or lost opportunity arising from the contents of any mail received/held/forwarded on the customers behalf.

The customer may collect any items held on his/her behalf during the company’s business hours.

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk will advise the customer over the telephone of any, faxes, correspondence or any other items held on his/her behalf, upon the customer’s disclosure of his/her name and membership number.

Subject to prior agreement and payment by the customer of postal costs, the company will redirect any letters to an address notified by the customer out of New Zealand.

The customer may alter any instructions given to Nomads Auckland Travel Desk by notice in writing, by telephone or email, giving his/her name and membership number.

Parcels and faxes can be received at Nomads Auckland Travel Desk, Auckland for no extra charge, but if they require forwarding to other parts of New Zealand any postage cost will be incurred by the customer.

This agreement is not transferable in part or full. Only the specified mail member may use this address. Any mail sent c/o (care of) the mail member, will be returned to sender. This service is for individuals who are travelling and not resident in New Zealand. This service cannot be used by businesses or commercial operations. We reserve the right to cancel any mail service subscription if we believe it is being used for commercial operations or by New Zealand residents and not as a temporary address for international travellers in New Zealand.

Nomads Auckland Travel Desk shall not be liable to the customer for any delay, loss or damage which may be suffered by the customer as a direct or indirect result of the performance of the contract by the company being prevented, hindered or delayed by reason by any act of god, riot, strike or lock-out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, break-down of plant or machinery, fire flood, difficulty in obtaining staff, materials equipment or any other circumstances whatsoever in-so-far as they are outside the control of Nomads Auckland Travel Desk.