Horticulture / Agriculture Jobs Across Nz

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Payment: $17.70 + 8% Location: Whole New Zealand
Region: Nationwide Experience: No Experience Necessary

We are Seasonal Work Agency who offer various kind of HORTICULTURE and AGRICULTURE jobs across New Zealand.

We welcome all international traveller who hold VALID WORK VISA (ESPECIALLY WORKING HOLIDAY VISA) to register your interests here. no matter which city you have landed in New Zealand. we can try our best provide assistance to let you reach our job site successfully and start your job right after. we also can advise how you get sorted with Bank account and IRD number.

All our job are paid at least legal minimum pay $17.7+8%.

any higher rate on the job will be offered when we approach you after you register your interest.


Working holiday visa holder can get extension on our job as its all about horticultures, fruits orchards, flower nurseries and so on.

our current season of work - Apples, kiwi, tree nurseries, flower nurseries. and many more

to register your interest.

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