Turangi Hostel, Accom + Paid Hours

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Payment: $15.75 (Living costs deducted) Location: Turangi
Region: Taupo & Central Plateau Experience: No Experience Necessary

Easiest job in the world?

We are a small backpackers hostel in Turangi that needs people to join us and help out with some basic hostel duties. We are quite highly rated on sites like Hostelworld, BBH and Tripadvisor so we can't be that bad a place to work either.

We need people to arrive as soon as possible.

The job is configured so the majority of your time will be spent laying on the sofa watching TV, looking at your Facebook or playing with our dogs, and that's fine with us, as long as you can get a few other jobs done too. There are paid hours available if you want to do some housekeeping. This is in rotation with 2 other staff members and will be a minimum of 6 hours per week.

You'll need to get up off your lazy butt if the phone rings, a guest wants to check in or maybe to fold a little laundry. We also cook a pasta meal for our guests in the evening so you can do that too, but you'll get a free dinner out of it so that's not so bad. It's probably going to be the easiest job you ever had!!

In return, we will give you accommodation in a staff-only room, a free shuttle to the Tongariro Crossing and a free pasta meal every night. You'll have free WiFi too.

The job is for 2 weeks, that is the absolute minimum so please don't apply if you can't stay for 14 days of work. The paid hours are only given to people who do a good job with the housekeeping so if the place doesn't look good after you've done the housekeeping, you work only for accommodation after that.

This is what used to be known as "Wwoofing" or just "working for accommodation". The practice in NZ has changed for that now so you will be paid at least minimum wage and your living costs deducted from that. The idea is that your wages will normally just cover your living costs and no more, so effectively you ARE still working for accommodation, but now you will be protected with an employee contract and WE will pay the tax on your wages that YOU may be able to claim back at the end of your trip.

Let's see how closely you're paying attention: We need you to message us with your Name, Age, Nationality and the date you can arrive. Please don't email us a CV, we never read them anyway. We don't care whether you picked Strawberries in England or made $1,000,000,000 as the CEO of a big company. We just need smart, fun people who can speak English well and be nice to our guests.

You must have a valid working holiday visa and IRD number for this job.