Nanny And Moving Help

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Payment: $Room and board, plus $10 for hours above agreed Location: Kupe Bay, d'Urville Island
Region: Marlborough/Blenheim/Picton Experience: Limited Experience Necessary

We are looking for one or two backpackers, or a couple, to assist with child care, light house work, and grounds maintenance.  We are looking for a minimum of 5 hours a day.  Due to the remoteness of the island, we are looking for workers able to commit to a month or longer at a time.  Also due to remoteness, all room and board is provided but you will need to bring your own snacks, alcohol, specialty foods, etc, as there is no place to purchase groceries on the island.  While we have satellite internet, our data is limited, so video streaming and other high data use activities are also not available.

If you love nature, hiking, solitude, kayaking and some of the most dramatic sunsets in New Zealand, then you will love Kupe Bay.  If you need electronic entertainment in your off time, or the ability to go into town with lots of people, then you will not enjoy it so much.

More info about the island, and the position, can be found at last year's post.  Note, the toddler is a year older, but the place is just as beautiful:

More pictures of Kupe Bay can be found at:

The position will start December 27, with pickup in Nelson.  That is the window for coming off the island so if you can not make it to Nelson on the 27th you will have to make your own arrangements to get to French Pass!