Car Parking / Woofing

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Payment: $18 -$20 Location: Wellingtgon North
Region: Wellington Experience: Limited Experience Necessary

        CAR (Safe) PARKING  / camping/ accommodation in  exchange  for gardening   work in rural available till DECEMBER  4th. CITY Accommodation may be  available till 23rd  Dec. CASUAL well paid Cash  work offerred by  neighbours may be  available  for  most  weekends & some   Week days.  FLUENT  ENGLISH  essential .  Must  have  own transport  for  regular  casual   work.   No Visa  required.  This  job  is  NOT a long term  commercial/ business /operation. or for residence purposes, but  helpful advice will be  provided  to  suitable candidates.

      You  Must  be Fit &  strong  as MMA  fighter  for  work.  Gardening  experience   &   skills  impotant .

WIFI  available.    BUT  This Woofing position is unsuitable  for a  guy  Married  to his Smartphone like  a Limpet stuck to a  rock  24/ 7  This  is  Not  Entertained Here.                                                                             Enquiries/  applications  invited   from guys  with CHAINSAW,   gardening experience( skills),  sense  of  responsibility &  ethical attitude   to work obligations.                                                                                         

 COME, SHARE OUR  home in this paradise with us ..if  you believe   you  fit  ALL  the  criteria  !!!!

     You will  receive   prompt (Quick)   reply   to  all  your  queries   and   job  details  IF  you  INCLUDE  CV   covering  last   2  years   of   work  experience which is verifiable  .                                                                       CV   should  include  DATE of  birth,  PRESENT  address  &  sporting interests  if any .                                  

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                                      .  Sorry  No Secret Smokers  !