Driver To New Plymouth

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Payment: $ Location: Auckland
Region: Auckland Experience: No Experience Necessary

Hi there 


please note this is not a paid position but a request or help in return for free transport to new plymouth work may offered later .If you have planned on hitchhiking to New Plymouth  or waste money on a bus ,stop wasting your time and come with me! from Auckland to New Plymouth  for FREE with some sightseeing stops if you wish ! I might even have some work down in New Plymouth for you! . Save money, save time - all you have to do is drive me down in my van as I physically CANT drive that many hours without pain. Just drive my van, you won't have to pay for gas either. Just make sure to bring your drivers license with you and preferably a passport and your own lunch/dinner, too, or we'll just pick something up from the road. 

It will be this  either 26 th or 27th NOVEMBER 2017 

Give me a call or text me and we'll get everything figured!

looking forward to hearing from you,