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Rides and Bus Passes

Selling your bus pass or looking for a ride? Or perhaps you have space in your car and are looking for someone heading the same way to help share petrol costs, here's where to place your notice ...

Currently 3 listings

Ride to Whanganui 1/4/17
Ride To Whanganui 1417
Ride available to Whanganui 1/4/17
Added: 23/03/2017
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free ride to whanganui
Free Ride To Whanganui
I need someone to drive my new car and me to Whanganui.
Added: 21/03/2017
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credit Intercity bus Flexipass
Credit Intercity Bus Flexipass
Offer: credit Intercity bus Flexipass 9 hours and 42 min (worth over 80 NZD)
Added: 20/03/2017
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