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Toyota Estima Lucida 1992 Automatic

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

$2800 ONO


Contact us private message or in the next phones: 0274419207 / 0274419210 to see the car and to do a test drive.

Our route: Invercargill - Dunedin - Christchurch - Picton - Wellington - Hamilton - Auckland


Hi everybody! Sadly, after 1 year and 2 months we have to say good bye to our lovely "Lucy". We travelled around both Islands and we did every service as recommended to control that all was good, so we have never had any problem! It is a great, practical and beautiful car with a strong engine. We are the second backpackers and the first owner was a kiwi, so "Lucy" has been very well taken care of (we have every service bill if you need to check it) and it is expected to have a long life. We would like to find the right new owners who can enjoy the country with her as we did! You can see all the details here and ask us any questions you have. Due to the good conditions of this car we bought it much more expensive but we dropped the price because we are leaving soon. Also, we offer help to the new owner, giving you a list with good contacts where we were working in Orchards, Packhouses and Housekeeping (kiwifruit, kumara, strawberries, cherries, hotel and motel).

- 262 xxx km
- 2,438cc Petrol engine (so you don't need to pay the diesel tax)
- WOF until 06/10/2017 (we did it now and no problems)
- REGO until 01/07/2017
- Automatic 
- 2 seats, 4 doors and 2 keys.
- 4 new tyres and Spare tyre
- Timing Chain (so you don't need to change it)
- Set of jumper cables (very useful when you forget the lights on...)
- Inverter Charger.
- Road Maps of both Islands (we used them a lot, as the internet in NZ is not always working)
- Lot of information of NZ for travelling and some books in English.
- Wooden bed with a king comfy foam mattress (it was done for tall people)
- Bedding: 2 king size duvets (one polar for winter, really warm), sheets and 4 pillows.
- Sun roof and a moon roof over the bed from which you can see the stars before sleeping!
- Beautiful blackout curtains (cover the light perfectly to sleep until late!) , plus blue solar lights around the bed (easy to charge during the day just with the natural light and really useful at night!)


- Lot of space under the bed, so we include:
* 2 x Big plastic boxes to keep tidy and accessible your clothes (included some man clothes, lot of woman clothes, hairdryer for the winter, and a good straightener, just in case you feel like looking prettier some days!) 
* 1 x medium plastic box to keep all your shoes, with 2 x gum boots (man and woman).
* 2 Camping chairs, a huge picnic mat blanket (to enjoy the NZ nature) and a solar shower.
* 1x Body board (to have fun in the beach or in the famous Te Paki Sand Dunes)
* A box with lot of specific tools for your Toyota Estima.
* Extra space if you need to save your luggage (we have two backpacks and a big suitcase and still there is space for something more...The beer box always need space!)


- In the back of the car it is lot of space too, so we include:
* 5 decorative colourful plastic boxes to keep all the cooking staff and food really organized
* Camping table really accessible, as you can use it to cook and eat outside or under the car if it's raining (It fix perfect over the boxes, so you can cook without problem).
* Chilly bin, 2x plastic bowls for washing dishes, 2x10L water containers and extra bottles.
* The cooking equipment include: Gas cooker (with 2 stoves and a gas bottle), 3pans, 2 frying pans, an Italian coffee maker (if you want to make real coffee),plates, glasses, cups, bowls, cutlery, storage containers (different sizes) and plenty of different tools for cooking (wood spoon, cheese grater...and hundreds more! I think all you will need).

As you can see you wouldn't have any problem with the space of "Lucy" because we have more than a house in! :)

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

Please be aware of scammers that have been operating on buy and sell websites such as ours. They claim to be working away but will want to buy and sell a vehicle remotely. DO NOT engage with these enquiries or transfer any money without meeting the buyer or seller in person.

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