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Honda Odyssey 1995

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

Honda Odyssey 1995


3100$ ONO


Kia Ora,


I'm Odi, a Honda Odyssey. I was born in 1995 and I have experienced sooo much. I've been traveling across New Zealand with Nik and Julian for the last 7 month and have been a good and reliable mate during the whole trip. Those two guys transformed me into a campervan, which means I am a first generation driving house! We visited every important place between Cape Reinga and the South Cape and had a lot of fun together. For a period of three month we even traveled in a team of three as a friend of the two guys came for a visit! Everything worked without complications, not even storage was a problem thanks to perfectly used storage room a folding system, which transforms the bed to a table, allowed! As the WOF was due a complete engine check was done to avoid nasty problems on the roadtrip. Passing the WOF was not a problem for me by the way! Unfortunately the two have to leave soon and this is why I am looking for some new travel mates, who want to travel around my home with me. It doesn't matter if you are alone or together, everybody is welcome!


And now some facts about me:


    1. I've travelled just 213.xxx km so far           and want to do much more.

    2. My WOF has just been renewed and is valid until October 2017 ...

    3. ... And my Rego until 20.07.17 (9$ per month).

    4. All four tyres had been changed recently to new ones, including an alignment to perfectly adjust the wheels.

    5. Even the windscreen had been replaced for a clear sight during long drives!

    6. I've an automatic transmission and need petrol.

    7. There is enough space for up to 4 people as you can even use 2 of the backseats while driving with your home thanks a folding system that transforms the bed into a table! 

    8. You can store the very comfortable mattress easily in the trunk of the car or on top of the table and still use the trunk either way!

    9. My air condition works just fine.

    10. And I've got everything a camper needs. You can find a full camping equipment and a warm and cosy bed with blankets and pillows.


The camping equipment includes: 

    - Three luxury camping chars worth 90$ each

    - Two gas stoves with a pot, a pan, a fast water heater and some cutlery 

    - A coffee machine working with powder

    - Two fishing rods (worth 100$ each), including full equipment, you can catch proper dinner with

    - A little Bluetooth speaker for when you do not have any radio signal 

    - A vehicle USB plug to charge any devices like a phone or a tablet

    - Storage boxes that perfectly fit in all gaps that are given


Right now I'm in Christchurch and look forward to visitors who want to be my new travelmates.


If you are interested feel free to call or text Nik or Julian:


+64 2704709599 / +64 2704709598— in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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