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Honda Crv 4wd With Roof Top Tent New Wof

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

*Pricedrop from 4.400 $*

*Available now in Auckland*


Look at it today or tomorrow at the Ellerlise Car Fair!


 Hey there :-) 


Are you looking for a car to go camping that is out of the ordinary? Do you want to have enough space in your car while still having a sleeping opportunity and be able to discover remote places or drive on beaches? 


Well, then you’re lucky :) 



I’m selling my beloved Honda CRV with four wheel drive as I will be leaving New Zealand at the end of April. 


I’ve been traveling around in it since the beginning of January and bought it from a car dealer in Auckland – that means everything was checked before and I was ready to go.


Traveling with a tent on top of your car is a unique and great experience. Once you know how to do it, you can set it up in 2 minutes and put it down in 5. It was brand new when I bought it with the car and was reliable all the time, 100 % waterproof even if it was raining 24 hours long. 


Advantages of having a roof top tent:


+ Quicker and easier to set up and put down than a normal tent

+ It doesn’t get muddy and dirty when it’s raining plus it’s 100% waterproof

+ Very comfortable because there is a mattress inside

+ Enough space in your car left for all your stuff

+ Two people can fit in it easily with some bags

+ Great view looking out from the inside

+ Obviously you’re the star at every campsite :’D



Besides the tent, the car offers everything you need. I drove on Baylys Beach, Ninety Mile Beach, through Fords and Gravel Roads and all that stuff without any problems. It’s a 4WD, so you can basically reach every destination you want to. That’s the reason why I preferred that type of car with a roof top tent - the ordinary Honda Odysseys for example don’t offer that opportunity and you miss the fun part of NZ! Plus you see them everywhere, so why being that boring, ey? ;-)


Some details about the car:


- Built in 1997

- 223.xxx km so far (I drove 10.000 km myself without a problem besides one flat tyre that I replaced)

- New WOF done, good till 27/9/17

- Rego til 15/4/17, easy to get a new one for 30 $, either I will do it or you :)

- Cambelt done at 183.xxx km

- New battery when I bought it

- Petrol 91, needs about 9 to 10 liters per 100 km

- Automatic

- Radio

- Two USB slots and a cigarette lighter

- Air conditioning and heater

- Electric windows

- Spare tyre

- Spare Oil if you need to fill up which I did regularly 

- Front sway bar links replaced at the last WOF 



Camping equipment that comes with the car:


- Gas cooker

- Plates, cutlery, cups, small storage boxes

- Two camping chairs

- Two big storage boxes

- A big cooling box

- Some stuff like salt, pepper, washing powder, leftovers like noodles and rice

- A table that is built in the car and you can easily get out

- Pans 

- Hot water bottle and big cosy blanket for cold nights

- Pillow

- And lots of more stuff you will need on your trip…



Price is 3500$ negotiable. The tent itself is worth 1000$


The car is available in Auckland. I hope you will treat it right and loving, because I will really miss it and it was always so good to me. 





If you have any questions or want to take a look at it, just ring or text me on: 02041307099. My name is Julia, btw ;-) (I speak English and German)

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