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Ford Escape Xlt V6 2001

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Bought this car 1 year ago for 6000$ of a kiwi colleague/friend. Never had any major problem with this car. I replaced the battery, light bulb, oil and bought new rear tyres. 
The soundsystem in this car will blow you away! 

The right passenger door is unable to open because of some dust inside the mechanism (had some offroad fun). A mecanic told me its an easy, cheap fix to solve the problem so I already reduced my asking price because I didn't fix it. (currently roadtripping on the north island) 

You can use this car to go to work, 4wd tracks or to sleep in! You'll get anywhere with this car in NZ! Think about mountains, steep gravel roads to hidden beaches, crossing rivers,,... 

In the trunk are: 3 boxes to put some stuff in, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows, 2 chairs, 2 extra blankets and a football. 

I'm selling my precious because I can use a friends car for the last few months of my stay here in NZ and want somebody else (kiwi or backpacker) to have fun with this reliable, 4wd beast. 

Wof untill june, rego untill half may. 333 000km

For further information contact me

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